Beasts, Men, Monsters and Fiends

The Wyrd

Created during the Domimion War by wizards as a means of brutal, replaceable shock troops.
Many kinds exist, some examles are;
Wyrdlings, vile corruptions of canine and other predatory animals

Wyrds, a disgusting merging of man and beast, typically the larger hyena hybrid or the smaller, cunning ferret man hybrid.

Demons are descended from dragons, tainted by the adversary (old one deity).

(Player race) Clock hearts were originally shock troops repaired by wizards, all children are still birthed and given a clock heart made by the parents. Culturally gypaies.

Humans are called red hands by other races for stealing magic and culture.

(Player race) Revenants are the dead that refuse to allow their soul to leave their physical body – make a death save every level to prevent becoming a skalfos.

Elves are seelie that tolerate humans and unseelie (drow) hate humans and the sidhe (ghost elves) that are neutral

(Enemy) ReDead replace zombies – created when a burial mask is befouled.

(Enemy) deadites replace ghouls and occur when a person is buried without proper rights and a demon enters t he body.

(Enemy) Skalfos replace skeletons and are revenants that forsake life.

The red king is an ancient lich living in a half buried castle in the witching wood.

(Demi god) The tricksy lord is a demi god and patron saint of thieves, has a cult like sect of assassin’s

The adversary commanded a host of dragons, many were corrupted into demons. He created many of the beasts and magic creature’s of the world.

One of the adversaries creations was the black dog, a large spectral hound that appeared in lightning storms and always caused a missing person at the least. Sometimes when a woman was taken 7 months later a baby would appear. This would be a barghest (werewolf). The children of the barghast would become the shifters

BBEG viking, maybe witches

Dragons are old gods.

Inspiration is used for exploring the woods and expanding the world map

Beasts, Men, Monsters and Fiends

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